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30 Days to Awesome

 Author: Sunil Saxena  Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform  : 2018  ISBN: 1984028839  Pages: 180 Pages  Country: United States of America  Language: English  Dimension: 6 x 0.41 x 9 inches

“Do you feel stuck? Have you struggled to achieve your goals? Are you not exactly sure how to proceed? The majority of people achieve a certain level of success in their life but never really live up to their true potential. In this book Sunil Saxena describes a powerful tool that has helped him achieve important goals.

Learn the Eight Steps to Real Change; In this book I show you step-by-step exactly how to tackle your most difficult challenges. Physical, mental and/or emotional barriers can hold you back from living the live of your dreams. Learn how to overcome any barriers holding you back.

In this book the reader will understand:

•How to transform your life using the 30-Day Challenge
•Learn to develop powerful habits
•Understand the biology behind human behavior
•Learn the importance of understanding your big Why
•Make Gains towards your most important goals
•Change who you “Be” for the better
•Learn the importance to Momentum
•Understand High Vibrational Energy

I struggled with accomplishing my most challenging goals for many years until I discovered the power of the 30-Day Challenge. Just to name a few, I have used the 30-Day Challenge to:

•Increase my strength and muscle mass at the gym
•Revolutionize my social life
•Take my business to the next level
•Take my comedy performance to the next level
•Develop a taste for Indian food (it has tremendous anti-cancer properties)
•Improve my cardiovascular conditioning beyond what I thought was possible

Don’t continue to live your mediocre life. Learn the one tool that can change your life!

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