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Airbnb Listing Hacks: The Complete Guide to Maximizing Your Bookings and Profits

 Author: Alex Wong  Publisher: Alex Wong Copywriting  : 2017  ISBN: 177712280  Pages: 78  Country: United States of America  Language: English  Dimension: 8.5 x 0.16 x 11 inches

How to Create Compelling Airbnb Listings that Boost your Visibility, Bookings and Profits

Would you like to maximize your Airbnb bookings?

Would you like to stand out from the growing crowd?

The book will teach you how to create listings that boost your visibility, bookings and profits!

Airbnb has become something of a phenomenon recently. Every day, in every town on the planet, homeowners are making money by renting out their spare rooms to travelers. But with more and more people catching on, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

This bestselling book, Airbnb Listing Hacks: The Complete Guide to Maximizing Your Bookings and Profits, can make all the difference in helping you stand out, with help on:

  • Standing out and ensuring guests find you
  • Learn what guests really want
  • Finding an effective market position
  • Attention-grabbing titles
  • Writing an irresistible summary of your place
  • Compiling effective house rules
  • Taking great photos
  • Writing effective photo captions
  • Creating a stand-out profile
  • And much more…


Years of helping hosts to optimize their listings, along with all the techniques required for success and how to avoid the common mistakes most hosts make, are crammed into this informative asset.


Get a copy now and start making a success of your Airbnb business today!